Gluten Meal 60%

Gluten mile 60% (CGM) is a by-product in the production output of corn starch and glucose in the wet milling process In the production of corn starch. CGM, a golden yellow color - a key element in protein-rich feed, containing protein 60% crude is used as a source of protein and energy for fattening poultry and fish.

Color Yellow
Protein ≥ 60.0 %
Moisture (10 -12) %
Starch ≤ 15.0 %
Oil % ≤ 3.0 %
Ash ≤ 0.2 %


Gluten meal Is widely used in cattle fattening because of its nutritional characteristics of an ideal in terms of high protein up from 60% to 62% Gluten meal is available in 50 Kgs Plastic lined HDPE woven bags.
Gluten meal is used feeding and fattening in broiler and layer breeding industry as it improves egg production and specifications of laying hens There is another special feature as feed for poultry. It is high in nutrient density and energy value, which is a good source of vitamins