Corn Starch

Corn Starch Product powder soft white creamy color is characterized as low in protein content and ash clearly. Carbohydrate content of high purity makes it useful in many industries. It contains about 66% of starch, which can be separated from other components through different processes such as soaking, grinding, drying and purification.
 It is used as an aid in thickening soups and foods-based liquids, such as sauces, gravy, milk. And is one of the best raw material in the food industry for its nutritional value by high because of its properties are in the speed of melting and Algeltne and it is considered a key factor in many industries
• paper industry
• Foods industry
• Baking industry
• Ice cream industry
• Textile industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
Criteria Specification
Color fine White to Pale Yellow powder free from foreigner matter
Solubility insoluble in cold water & alcohols
Moisture content % 12 -14 %
Total Protein % ≤ 0.4 %
Soluble Protein % ≤ 0.025 %
Oil % ≤ 0.1 %
PH of 10 % solution 5--7
Total Ash % 0.20 -0.30 %
Sulphatedash ≤ 0.2 %
Acidity Degree ≤ 3
Fibers % ≤ 0.5
starch content ≥99.45%
viscosity ≥420.0Cp
acidity degree ≤ 3
fine ≥99.59 on 200 mesh (75 micron)
Purity Clear
Gel temp 60 ±5C°
spore - forming bacteria : ( aerobic & thermophiles) ND
spore - forming Bactria: (forms acids & no gas ) ND
spore - forming bacteria :( anaerobic & thermophiles’ ) ND
spore - forming bacteria :(sulphite - reducing ) ND
Insoluble Ash in Acid % ≤ 0.1


paper bags 25kg



The addition of starch to the wet end of the paper is generally referred to as beater sizing. Here, the primary function of starch is to increase paper strength, to lay surface fuzz and to increase stiffness and rattle of the paper.

many foods, which is vital to both the consumer and the food manufacturer, as a major factor that governs the acceptability and palatability of most food products. Corn Starch, because of its abundance and low cost, is used wherever its properties are applicable.
Cornstarch finds numerous uses in the baking industry. Addition of starch makes hard wheat flour preferred for cakes.
Corn starch is used to give proper strength to ice cream cones and sugar water shells. In addition to the above mentioned uses, it finds numerous uses in "dusting" to facilitate certain baking operations. Starch is also used as an inert ingredient in baking powder and also in salad dressing.
In short starch is used by the textile industry in a number of different ways:
As an adhesive in the size mix to strengthen warp yarn and improves its resistance to abrasion during weaving.
In finishing, to change the hand and appearance after it is bleached, dyed and printed.
In printing, to increase the consistency of the printing paste.
As a compound in finishes to glaze and polish sewing thread.
Size is added to yarn to improve the efficiency of the weaving performance and is removed in the first wet processing operation. Since adhesive is the major ingredient of the size mix from the viewpoint of both quantity and price, its choice depends on
How economically it is priced
whether, it offers all the necessary advantages during sizing and can also be easily removed in the usual process of desiring .Of all the starches available commercially, Maize Starch best fulfills the above requirements. It possesses properties superior to native starch as Tapioca and Tamarind Kernel Powder.
Maize Products also manufactures starches suitable for pharmaceutical uses. Such as binder or disintegrating agent in tablets under the trade name 'Corn Starch fulfills all specifications as per pharmacopoeia.