we are working in the Egyptian market since 2005 in the production of starch and glucose and concentrates feed according to international quality standards and the latest technological methods of  manufacture of starch and glucose


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To achieve leadership in the field of starch and glucose industry through broad experience and capabilities Alhailhemen during Ttababak foundations and international quality standards and service after sale


we  produce its high quality products of starch, glucose, maltose, gluten meal, crude corn oil and oilcake using latest production equipments in a safe work ambience that is concerned with keeping the environment safe and clean.


Almoniry committed to international quality standards has got the company's ISO 14001-ISO certificates ISO18000 -ISO22000-ISO 14001. Therefore Almoniry committed to strict standards in production and follow-up, monitoring and quality assurance in accordance with the standard international specifications which enabled Almuniry to get the confidence and loyalty of customers in the market

Our Products

Our product of maize is derived from the best grades of corn which is matched to the international specifications


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